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PT. Bangun Beton is a company that produces Ready-Mix Concrete and concrete-related products, using Bangun Beton trademark. Bangun Beton is the best concrete solution providers, with priority on product diversity, quality and competitive prices supported by a fleet and support tools best tech production. The company was founded in Cilegon since the beginning of 2011, the location of the land area of ​​6000 m2 at Jl. South Rim Cilegon Kp Prohibition, Ds. Harjatani, district. Keramatwatu, Serang, Banten. In addition to offering the best quality concrete material products, our company is supported by human resource professionals in the field, so it will be a maximum of providing services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Vision :
Being a supplier of ready mix concrete products and a leader by providing the best value for customers satisfaction through fair prices, quality products and services.

Misi :
Always maintain a good relationship and always provide the best service to customers and suppliers, and always maintain the quality of products produced.

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