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PT Bangun Beton was prepared in the fleet that we have such as :


Concrete Pump
We rent Concrete Pump tools in terms of casting besides supplying ready mix concrete cast / ready mix concrete . Concrete Pump transmitting fluids using a pump which is typically used in high-rise buildings and in areas that are difficult to do casting . Bangun Beton Concrete Pump has a standard which is a type of pump that is intended for the building of such low – Residential buildings , shops , malls and other buildings at the height of below 20 meters.


Truck Mixer
PT. Bangun Beton has mixer trucks with capacity of 7 and 10 Metre cubics. Truck mixer is a kind of special vehicle that is widely used to carry and stir the liquid concrete to the destination. Truck mixer consisted of a driver in the front and a large sized bowl behind.


Wheel Loader
PT Bangun Beton has few Wheel Loaders. Wheel loader is a device used to lift materials to be loaded into the bin or hopper.

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