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“Concrete is a part of the construction that is made of a mixture of substances which makes your building into a sturdy and can sustain heavy loads. Quality materials and ideal mix composition to obtain the required solid concrete .”

In  type of concrete quality measurement unit there are several things such K, FC, ​​and others. But in Indonesia, the measurement which is often used in general is K and FC. Concrete quality K is a concrete compressive strength characteristics of concrete cube specimen kg/cm2 with sides 15 cm. Quality concrete is concrete compressive strength fc in MPa required by the test object with a cylinder 15 cm high 30 cm. Example: K – 300, has a compressive strength of concrete is understanding each cm2 has the strength to withstand a load of 300 kg/cm2 with specimen cube 15 cm x 15 cm F’c CMX 15 = 40 MPa, has a compressive strength of concrete sense is equal to 40 MPa, with a cylindrical specimen diameter 15 cm height 30 cm

Concrete Casting and Maintenance Proccess

beton-ilustrasi-012 Concrete is poured into the formwork, and concrete formwork was compacted by vibro machine
beton-ilustrasi-0122 At the time of implementation of the casting, the concrete surface is leveled according to the thickness and surface type of the planned after fresh concrete is poured and compacted.
beton-ilustrasi-0123After the concrete hardenned and flattened, then next phase is cutting process. Concrete Cutter is a tool / machine construction that is used to cut the asphalt road, Cast Concrete, Ceramics, with a depth capacity adjusted by Blade Cutter (Knives Concrete Cutter).
beton-ilustrasi-0124Spraying a special coating (like Vaseline) on the concrete surface 1 hour after finishing. Then dampen the concrete surface continuously with water for 7 days.
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