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Ready Mix Concrete

Bangun Beton has diversity of products and services to offer, such as various types of concrete in the offer, provide assistance with professional technicians in helping application on the field, and the need for consultation about the use of concrete types that will be used.

Concrete Mix By Design

constantly reassure consumers that we provide solutions to meet their needs and problems. So we offer a product which is made by design / job mix formula of consumers and are supervised by our professionals who have had a long experience in the field. By offering these products, consumers become more precise in selecting the needs on type of concrete used in construction work they are doing. We will assist in achieving what you want to accomplish by consumers both in terms of strength, stiffness, flexibility, and the easy level of workmanship. Some examples of the type of concrete that we produce with consumers such as K-350 SP 7 Days, K-350 Type V, FC-40 MPA Type V, With Integral K-350, K-450 Cebex, and others.

Standard Concrete Job Mix Formula

Standard concrete job mix formula are concrete types that are often used and have been proven to have the best quality by using quality raw material, thus producing the best concrete products. Here are some concrete examples of the type K-100, K-225, K-300, K-350, K-400, K-500, FC-10, FC-30, and others.

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